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2009-05-03 09:30 pm

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Test Post
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2009-05-03 05:41 pm

Trying to figure out....this crossposting thing

So I've adjusted my account settings....trying to see if this post turns up on my LJ account too...does it work both ways? As in when I post to my LJ does it turn up here?
Curious minds need to know.
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2009-05-01 08:16 pm

Testing testing testing...So this is Dreamwidth? Huh.

Thanks to allzugern I have made it onto Dreamwidth. Not leaving LJ at all - but I like the theory behind DW so jumped at the chance and here I am! Still figuring out how it all works...please ignore this post...move along, nothing to see here...these are not the droids you're looking for.